Are you really eating healthy salad?


These days getting healthy food is a new challenge and due to hectic daily schedules, it is very much difficult to have a proper workout and proper food.

If you think about your eating habits, you may find that you eat too quickly when you eat alone. So, commit to having lunch with a colleague every week or replace unhealthy habits with new healthy ones.

Another idea is to put the fork down between each bite and follow the news while eating. Such distractions keep you from paying attention to how fast or how much you have eaten.

If you eat too fast, clean your plate after every bite to ensure your hunger is satisfied. Eat when you are really hungry, but don’t eat in the middle of the day or at the end of a long day or even at night when we are tired and anxious.

A short walk or a phone call to a friend may help you feel better, but you should not eat after this activity. If you experience high levels of stress, anxiety, depression or other health problems, try an alternative way of eating to experience them. Make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet, not only for your health but also for the

health of your family and friends. Healthy eating habits will keep you fresh and energised so having healthy salad after a workout is always a better option.

There are many benefits of eating a healthy salad like it will improve digestion and will help you in managing the weight and appetite. Salad is a great source of fibre. Much as it’s challenging to get enough protein without eating meat, it’s really tough to get the daily fibre you need without eating vegetables that are high in fiber.

Many common elements of salad are high in fiber, in some leafy greens such as

lettuce, spinach, cabbage, and kale, broccoli, celery, carrots, gourds, and

some beans. Nowadays eating habit has changed a lot due to this changing habits we are not able to get nutrient-rich foods, we mostly eat fast foods and these days getting healthy food is a most difficult task as we don’t know whatever we are eating are good for health or not as in traditional farming chemical pesticides, fertilizers are used for rapid growths by farmers and wastewater from industries or gutter are used to grow vegetables and that is why we are not sure about the quality of vegetables we

are eating. Let’s just imagine if we can grow your vegetables in our kitchen or balcony here, we go with a hydroBUILD kit which will solve all our problems.

hydroBUILD is a fully automated hydroponic kit in which you can grow multiple vegetables of your choice and you will be able to eat fresh and healthy vegetables which are grown under your observations without a single effort. And it will also save your heavy charges to get healthy salads from markets. You can just pluck the fresh vegetables of your choice to make a healthy meal.

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Sarita D

After a successful career in the fin-tech sector, Sarita is now back to navigating life and stories in India. Passionate about food, mental health, and other social issues.


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